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    What is alimony? 
Spousal support or alimony is an allowance paid to a former spouse from the other. Alimony is court-ordered, usually to provide permanent support for a former spouse in need, provide temporary support for a spouse to become self-sufficient, or as means of distributing marriage property. The court can require alimony to be paid in a lump sum, but usually it is a fixed monthly amount. Kaye Lynne Boll & Associates can inform you on what kind of alimony you can expect for your particular situation.

How can someone receive protection against an abusive spouse?

There are multiple ways to be protected against an abusive spouse. Many states have criminal and civil laws to protect against domestic violence. The abuse can be reported to the police. This will have the abuser arrested and charged, possibly jailed. A temporary protection order can be imposed to prevent contact by the abusive spouse to the other spouse and also their children. It may be possible to file a protection order. 

Does the father's name have to be on the birth certificate for him to have rights? Does he need to take a paternity test?

For a man, legal rights as a parent are not determined by his name being on the birth certificate. In many states, the husband is presumed to be the father until he challenges paternity.

What is legal separation?

There is no legal separation in Texas. To protect your interest regarding children and property while separated from your spouse, you should file for divorce. Filing for divorce will allow you to obtain temporary orders from the court. Meanwhile, until the divorce is final, community property assets and liabilities will continue to accrue, regardless if you are living together or not.

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